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A Five Element Acupuncturist perceives the state of all living things as a dynamic balance that is composed of five basic forces. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. When these forces are working in harmony, we enjoy good health. When one or more of these forces is either deficient or overbearing then it sends a wobble through the system and illness will manifest. This Five Element paradigm allows the practitioner to diagnose the Elemental imbalance which ultimately leads to the illness at hand.

Once it is clear which Element needs support then Acupuncture and or Herbs are used to bring that Element back in to the fold. The goal of treatment is to help the individual transform the effected Element so that it becomes an asset towards your overall health, not a hindrance. It is this transformative quality that sets this form of medicine apart from other non-holistic modalities. This difference cannot be overstated. We in the West would never go to our primary care doctors and ask them to take what is not working (headaches with irritability for example) and transform that into an asset we never knew we had (a sense of freedom and expanded creativity for example). The beauty of this medicine is that it can offer more than just diminishing the signs and symptoms of illness. When transformation is the goal, we may further feel a sense of aliveness, vibrancy and wellness that reverberates through our whole being.

When we approach Chinese Medicine from the perspective of the Western analytical process we run into all kinds of roadblocks to understanding. The only way we can begin to have any understanding of the Five Elements, the Five Element Paradigm or how these forces can be used in the pursuit of healing is through metaphor. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are all metaphors for what is otherwise unquantifiable. The whole of Chinese Medicine can only be discussed and understood through the liberal use of metaphor and parable. In order to get to any depth of understanding of the energetic nature of these five forces we need to let go of the western analytical process and embrace a more nature based holistic perspective. We will need to solicit the wisdom of poets and sages and the holistic teachings of many cultures present and past. There is more a mix of philosophy, religion, nature and art than science in this form of medicine. For many, this fact is openly embraced. For others it is a bone of contention.

For most people who are seeking help the most important fact is that this form of medicine works! If it did not work, it would not of survived for three thousand years and become one of the fastest growing fields of medicine in this country. Even though we cannot explain how it works through the application of the western analytical process, it is helping people every day.

“What about the needles?”

We have all, at one time or another, received a shot containing either medicine, vaccine or some numbing agent, or have had blood drawn for testing. It is obvious that this has left an indelible mark on all our psyches because this is one of the top concerns of perspective patients.

Though this is a concern for many new patient it is almost never a concern for returning patients. The simple fact is that Acupuncture needles are very different than anything you have ever experienced before. First of all they are far smaller, actually quite tiny, some are as thin as a human hair. They are not hollow, so there is nothing in them nor anything being injected into you. You will most likely feel some sensation but it is rarely described as actually painful. Further, the technique of needle placement is as noninvasive as possible. I go to great lengths to ensure that you are always aware and comfortable each step of the way. Respect and politeness accompanies everything I do in the treatment room.

All the needles I use are sterile, individually packaged and disposable. They are only used once then discarded — no dirty needles to worry about.

The bottom line is once you actually try it you will not think twice about it again. It is just not that big of a deal. Especially after you experience the benefits.

Acupuncture with other therapies

Acupuncture is an excellent adjunct to other healing modalities. It can help by opening up the circulation and release constrictions and reduce pain and swelling so that you get faster and better results with Physical Therapy.

Acupuncture can help your body prepare for surgery, like tuning up your car before a race. After surgery acupuncture can help reduce pain and swelling and speed up the healing process.

Recent studies have shown that acupuncture combined with IVF increases pregnancy rates by twenty percent over IVF protocols without acupuncture. Acupuncture helps to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation in cancer patients.

Acupuncture can help chiropractic manipulations hold longer and ease the muscle tensions that may be causing you to go out of alignment.

When combined with psychotherapy acupuncture has a beautiful way of helping you be more deeper in your body and connect to the core issues. Acupuncture can help support you as you move through difficult emotions in a constructive way and open up places that feel blocked or stuck. On its own acupuncture can help with feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, grief and anger. Combined with the skill of your therapist this can be a very powerful combination.

Customer Testimonial

Wisdom, Kindness, Faith and Skill, all in great measure. Faced with physical pain and emotional distress, alienated from myself and the world around me- I had the remarkable fortune to arrive at Shen Garden. With a light and precise touch, I have felt my strength and clarity return- moving from Dis-ease into ease, from darkness to light- in a safe and beautiful environment full of healing. Words cannot fully express my gratitude.

— Catherine

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